WALB-TV salutes those who risk their lives to bring freedom to the Iraqi people...

Photos of America's Military in Action

Sgt. Cory B. West of Pelham Ga. He is the son of Frankie Creech and Douglas West. 

He is a 1997 graduate of Pelham High School, and has served in the US Army for 6 years. 

In his first letter home he wrote to his mother, "That there was only desert as far as the eye could see."

 And the only thing he liked there was the sunrise, sunset and the stars at night. 

That being there really made him appreciate God's work more and more each day.


Frederick Gardner is one of America's Bravest. He is currently serving in Kuwait, but I am not sure about his exact whereabouts. He also is a veteran of the first Gulf War, Operation Desert Storm. He rejoined the Army in  October of 2002. Frederick loves what he does!


From his family 

in Albany, Ga.

Aviation Structural Mechanic David Craig Youngblood of Ashburn joined the Navy in 2001. 

Currently stationed in Washington Station Whidbey Island, he’s serving with an Electronic Attack Squadron VAQ-129. 

Craig’s parents are Mike and Janey Walker of Ashburn, and Gary and Kathy Youngblood of Tifton.

Craig has a step brother also serving in the Navy. You will probably get a picture of him soon.

Thanks so much for doing this.

Janey Walker

This is a photo of my cousin Carlton Griffin (On left, front row) and other Crew Members of the Worlds Finest Information technicians, aboard the USS Anzio, which is along with the USS Roosevelt and USS Truman Battle Groups.  

Their ship was featured on CNN a couple of days ago because they were responsible for shooting down one of the Iraqi Missiles. 

Carlton is an Albany Native and was stationed in Virginia. He is the son of Mr. Bennie Griffin and the late Carrie Wallace Griffin of Albany.  Carlton is married to Calinda Griffin and they have two daughters. Calinda and the girls are in Virginia, while much of his family is in the Albany area.  

Carlton is a wonderful cousin who inspires his family and encourages unity/ love.  WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH CARLTON, WE LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR RETURN HOME! 



This is Charlie Hall, III. He is serving in the Navy on the USS Constellation

in Iraq. He is from Nashville, GA. He graduated from Berrien High in May

2002 and went into the Navy in August 2002 and now serving in the War in

Iraq. The Hall and Hartman family are very proud of him and all of the

soldiers serving our country. We pray they return safely and soon.

Contesta Hurst is 19-years-old, and serves in the United States Air Force. Contesta is currently stationed in Kuwait.

She is the daughter of Bernetta Crimbley and Tony Hurst.

SPC Corey A. Brown is the son of Wayne and Funita Brown of Sylvester. He is also the husband of Tisa Evans-Brown. 

He is the brother of Shawn, Brian, Angela, Adrian, Meka, Kanicee, and Carl, the son-in law of Phyllis Thornton, and the uncle of Jasmine, Shaquavious, Da'jun and Dre'.

Corey is a graduate of Worth County High in 2002, where he was an active member of the football, basketball, and track teams. Corey has been in the United States Army for two years now and he is currently in Kuwait. 

Your Family Loves you, "Corby"

SPC Darren P Hubbell, 1/64 Armor, 2BCT, 3rd ID is stationed in Ft Stewart, GA, but is currently serving as a Scout Medic in Iraq. 
Darren is father to two children, Darren Jr. (age 14) and Marina (age 9) who reside with me in Tifton, GA.  Although Darren and I have been divorced for several years, we remain good friends and he is very close to his children.  Darren left the US Army several years ago but decided to re-enlist as a mechanized infantry medic this time.  He was also deployed to Kuwait for Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.
We are painfully aware of his absence and the children often have a hard time with their father's deployment.  They are, however, very proud of him and what he is there to do.  They both support our President's decision to rid Iraq of that tyrant and pray for a swift success and the return of their father, along with all of the other troops.
It's been quite some time since we have had any communication from Darren.  Hopefully we will hear from him soon.  We thank you for honoring our troops.  It is a well deserved tribute to our bravest!  God bless our service members along with their loved ones, all of whom sacrifice for the preservation of what our country stands for.
GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Pamela Hubbell

SPC Joel W. Fussell from Ft. Benning. He is with the 3rd Infantry and is
currently deployed in Iraq. He drives a cargo vehicle and is a mechanic.

He has left behind anxiously awaiting him a lovely wife and beautiful 8-year-old daughter. All of us are very proud of him. His hometown is Fitzgerald, and his father and I currently live near Willacoochee. 

He has one brother and one sister and many aunts, uncles and cousins, and two nephews who all love him dearly.

Travis and Linda Fussell 

My son, Specialist Joseph Schnake (pronounced Shnay-key), is deployed somewhere in Kuwait or Iraq. 

His home unit is the 35th Signal Bn. at Ft. Bragg, NC. Originally from Valdosta, Georgia. 

His wife Rhonda, 4 year old son Brandt, and new daughter Lee (whom he has not yet seen) are waiting for him.

Mel Schnake
Valdosta, GA

 I have a son,
Sgt. Michael Danford, in Kuwait with the 101st Airborne Division.

He is missed by everyone and we can not wait till he gets home. God bless him and all the troops.

Michael is from Sylvester, Ga.

Thank you,
Sue Eason (mother)

I would like to tell you about our son, LCpl Paul J. Webb, USMC. Paul always wanted to join the Marines since he was a small boy. 

He chose the Marines even though his great-grandfather, grandfathers and uncles were all in the Army. 

We are very proud of our son for the choices he has made for himself and for his country. Every parent should have a son like Paul. We are very proud of him. 

He is now serving in Iraq with the 1st Marine Expeditionary Unit- 1st tank Div. Is he based out of 29 Palms, CA.

Albany is his home town, and  He graduated from Darsey High School 2001 and then went to the Marines.

Thank you,
Jack and Edith Webb

SPC Robert J. Carver is the son of Buddy Carver of Leesburg, Georgia.  

Robert (known to his family as Robby) attended Lee County High School.  He completed his Basic Training at Ft. Benning, Georgia in June of 2001.  

His first tour of duty was in Korea from July of 2001 until June of 2002.  

In July of 2002, Robby reported for duty at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky.  

He is currently serving in the US Army 101st Airborne Division in Iraq. 


Lance Corporal Timothy G. Hubbard's hometown is Cordele, Ga.

This Picture is from the deck of the USS Nassau. The Marines of Fox Company 2nd Marines 24th (MEU) Marines Expeditionary Unit are practicing non-lethal techniques.

 Tim who is stationed at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina has been at sea since August for training and was scheduled to return home the first of March, but since the war has started they have been held in the Persian Gulf. The Marine  24th MEU is in Kuwait.  

This is sent to you by a very close friend Amy and his brothers. We hope and pray for Tim and all of our troops to return safely home soon.

This is my brother Staff Sergeant Arthur Tinsley, who is stationed in Kuwait. 

His parents' names are Laurie Wynn and Ulysses. His wife's name is Shana Tinsley, and they have three kids. 

Justin is 7, Dejah and Dejuan is one. He has he has three sisters and one brother.


Teresa Wynn

Lance Corporal Brian T. Hicks of Camilla, Georgia, has been deployed to the Persian Gulf and is aboard the
USS Boxer, a few miles from Iraq. 

Hicks is a 2001 graduate of Mitchell-Baker High School, Camilla GA. He is the son of Sherri L. Bell of Albany.

He has two sisters, Karnesia S. Hicks and Lakeshia A. Wright. 

Thanks for your support of our troops. 

Annette C Williams,

y daughter, Natalie Beaver Peterson, is with a Patriot Missile Battery some where in Kuwait.  She graduated from Dougherty Comprehensive High School in 1992, where she played softball for 4 years.  

She went into the Army in May of 1998. She was stationed in Germany before being deployed.  

She has two daughters age 7 and 1.  Her family is talking care of the children while she is deployed.

Saundra Beaver, Mother

EM2 Monte R. Wilcox, Jr. is currently serving in the US Navy aboard the USS Robert G. Bradley. He is currently on deployment. Monte and his wife Nicole are expecting their first child on July 2. He is a graduate of Dougherty High School, Class of 1983 and plans to retire from the US Navy in 2005.

Monte comes from a totally military family. His father is retired from the USAF, his mother served in the USAF (Viet Nam era), his brother served in the USAF during Desert Storm and after, his sister was also in the USAF. His grandfather served with the USN during WW II and his uncle served with distinction in the USAF, Special Forces, during Viet Nam. We have many other family members serving past and present in the United States armed forces. 

I hope his picture will make your Hero's Wall, if not I will mail a copy. God Bless America.

Thank you,
Carol M. Wilcox 
(Monte's mother)

Marine SSGT. Derrick B. Jones is in an F-18 squadron from Marine Corps Air Station, Beaufort, SC, now station
ed in Kuwait.

As a child, Derrick always said he wanted to be a Marine, so when he joined in 1988 after he graduated  from Colquitt Country High.

Derrick also served on the USS Teddy Roosevelt in 2001 and 2002.  

Derrick is the son of Calvin and Jackie Pollard. Derrick and his wife Danielle have four children.  His family lives in Moultrie where he grew up, and we are very proud of Derrick and support him in all he does.  

Thank You all very much for honoring our sons who are so brave to go and defend our county and the rights of others.

GOD BLESS AMERICA and you also.

Jackie Pollard

My brother, SGT Wilburn Delton Powell, was sent to Iraq on March 7th.

We haven't heard or seen him on TV. He is originally stationed at Fort Bragg, NC. His unit is 82nd Airborne Division. 

We would like to see his picture on your wall of soldiers that was sent over there. His home town is Worth County. He has family Moultrie, Thomasville, and in Worth County who are worried, and like to see him safely home.

We love and miss him very much. We hope he is safe over there. We aren't sure were he is at over there. We would like to see his picture up there and would appreciate it if you put it up. 

Thank you very much.

Dawn (sis), 
Faye (mother), 
Jackie (father), 
Jason (brother),

Miranda, Cheyenne, Desiree, 
and Courtney (nieces)

Army SPC Shaun Hancock. Shaun is 22 years old and is currently serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom with the 101st Airborne
Division out of Fort Campbell KY. 

Shaun joined the military following his
high school graduation in 1999 and continues to amaze us with his dedication and pride at being an American Soldier. He flies as a Blackhawk Helicopter crew chief, and is an inspiration of strength to all of his family,  and a hero to his younger brother Corey. 

We love him so much and we are so very, very proud of him and all of our military. We pray continually for our President and
all of our military who are so willing to stand proud and defend our country and the freedom of the Iraqi people.

We hold fast until the day this war is over and our son and all of our military are coming home.

Many thanks to all of you at WALB for paying such special tribute to our

God Bless you all, and God Bless America

Ronnie, Sandra and Corey Hancock

Moultrie, Georgia

 Dear Channel 10,

My brother in law, Petty Officer First Class James M. Russ, has been in the U.S. Navy for 16 years.

He is an Aviation Ordinaceman stationed in Everett, Washington, aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln. 

He arrived on the aircraft carrier only about three days before the action against Iraq started. Even though he is not ''on the ground'' in Iraq, he and those who serve with him are supporting those who are, and are close enough to them to be in danger. 

Hope you will keep him, as well as all of our military personnel over there, in your thoughts and prayers.

Beth Peterson

   Lance Corporal Jamaal T. Reed is the son of Patricia Reed of Newton Ga. He is a 2000 graduate of Mitchell-Baker High School. He enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. in 2001. He is currently serving in Kuwait. Reed is married to Lcpl. Alicia L. Reed of South Carolina, who is also serving in Kuwait. They are truly loved and missed by their family and friends. We wish them the best and hope they come home soon.
 Adrienne and Whitney Littles  

Corporal Dennis Goss is the son of Robert C. & Mary Lee Goss of Dixie, Georgia and is currently serving in Iraq with the 2nd MEB 2/8 Marines from Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.  He is in communications.
We support all of our troops and want them to all come home safe.

Lavett Goss

Specialist Bobby W. Ethridge, 4th Infantry, U.S. Army  Stationed at Fort Hood, Tx.
Son of Deborah Langford of Albany, and Wayne Ethridge of Leesburg). 

His first tour of duty was in Korea. He is 24 years old. He has been in the Army for almost 5 years.


I just wanted to say that he is our hero, and we love him very much.

His mom,

Debbie Langford

A very special friend of mine, who is like a Sister to me, and someone I have known for 30 years lives in Grand Marais, MN which is the North Shore of Lake Superior.
L to R, Front row: Cpl Riewe & Lcpl Hill. 
Back row: Cpl Nunes, Cpl Michael Wirt, Cpl Nate, Lcpl Gotta

Sandy and her husband Dave have one son, Michael- and he is in the USMC and is over in Iraq.

Michael is with the 3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment-1st. Division, Kilo Company of 29 Palms, California.
Here is a picture of Michael with his friends taken in Kuwait about the 2nd week of March.
We keep Michael, his family and all the troops in our thoughts and prayers.
God, Hold our Troops in your loving hands.
Protect them as they protect us.
Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need.
Meigs, Georgia  

This is my brother Mark Potter. He is a Technical Sergeant in the Air Force.. He has been in the service for 12 years. Before his deployment he was stationed at Seymour-Johnson Air Force Base in Goldsboro, North Carolina. 

He is currently proudly serving his country in Operation Iraqi Freedom. His job is a Quality Assurance Inspector of Aerospace Ground Equipment supporting F-15E aircraft. He is stationed in Qatar which in the Persian Gulf.
Mark graduated in 1991 from Sumter County Comprehensive High School in Americus, Ga.
His hometown is Leslie, Ga - where his family lives now. His family is so very proud of him!!!
Mark has two daughters: Chelsey Potter who is 10 & Brittney Potter who is 7..
We love and miss him very much... We can't wait to see him and all our troops return safely back home.
Thank you Channel 10 for this wonderful tribute to our service men & women...
May God Bless America!!!! Our thoughts and prayers are with each and every one of our troops..
Mark we love you very much.. Hurry home!!!!!
Thank You very much,
Lamar Potter (father)
Irene Potter (mother )
Cindy Millwood (sister)
Marsha Cox (sister)
Donna Tissue (sister)
along with grandparents, nieces & nephew

I work with Park Avenue Bank where there are three employees who are effected closely by this war and the deployment of our loved ones. These are their pictures and their stories.

Army Private Michael T. Corbett of Lake Park was deployed with the 3rd Infantry Division to Kuwait on January 7th (Army). Michael graduated from Lake Park Christian Academy in 2000. He is the son of Diane and Ellis Corbett of Lake Park.

Continued in right column>

Naval Petty Officer 4th Class Melissa C. Thomas (photo in left column) is deployed aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt.

 She is the daughter of Fred and Alma Thomas of Valdosta.

Air Force Tech Sergeant Nate Tracy of Bennington, Vermont is deployed with the 822 Security Forces unit out of Moody AFB. He left on March 23rd to a classified location. 

He is the son of Pam Tracy of Bennington, Vermont and Don Tracy of Homossassa Springs, Florida. Nate resides in Valdosta with his girlfriend Shellie Conley.





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