WALB-TV salutes those who risk their lives to bring freedom to the Iraqi people...

New-- Photos of America's Military in Action

SGT Folzial Hall is stationed at Ft. Stewart, and has spent 24 years on active duty in the Army. He has served in Saudi Arabia in OperastionDesert Storm, and is now is Kuwait.

His Albany family, Danny, Retta, Michelle, and Junior all pray for him to come home soon, and safe.

^Williams in Operation Desert Storm, in 1991.

SFC Roy Williams is a 1980 graduate of Dougherty High School, and has 18 years active duty service in the Army. He is making his third trip to the Middle East. Roy has five children, and will celebrate his 18th wedding anniversary with his wife Rhonda, in May.

Roy is a member of the 11-15th Infantry, 8th Mechanized Unit from Ft. Benning.

His large family loves him very much, and will be thrilled when he gets back to Albany.

Sergeant Paulette Jones Wilcox is currently serving the Army as petroleum specialist in Kuwait. Paulette joined the Army in 1996 after graduating from Irwin County High School in Ocilla. She is married to Sergeant Marcus Wilcox of Ocilla and who is also serving in the Army as administration specialist and awaiting orders to go overseas. She and Marcus have one daughter, 2-year-old Jaheim, who lives with Paulette's parents. We miss both Paulette and Marcus and are praying for all the troops. 

Her mother, Rebecca Jones

Sergeant Antonio Williams and his wife Milinda Richardson Williams are a couple who serves America in the U.S. Army. This Albany couple is stationed at Colorado Springs, Colorado. Both are in Iraq right now. 

Milinda was first to decide on the service as a career, and joined in 1994, after graduating from high school. Antonio joined two years later. Milinda has just re-enlisted for another 2-year tour.

Their families loved them, and miss them, but know they'll be returning to Albany soon.

Major Charles H. Smith Jr. is a 1977 graduate of Monroe High, who has been stationed at Camp Doha, Kuwait for over a year now. 

He is a 21-year member of the U.S. Army's Infantry.

Charles is married to Patricia Smith, and is the son  of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith, Sr.

His family and friends all love Charles, and are very proud of his brilliant military career. 

We expect to welcome him home in July!

Rictavious Jammel Thomas is serving aboard the U.S.S. Bataan, somewhere in the Persian Gulf. He is a 2002 graduate of Westover High. 

We have not heard from Ricktavious since he called on his mom's birthday, on March 3.

We would like to send out our prayers to all who are serving our country. We would like for Rictavious to know that we love him and to keep the faith and stay strong. 

Thank you, The Wiley family

Gunnery Sergeant Christopher Thornton is a graduate of Worth County High School. 

He is the son of Isaac Chester of Sylvester, and Oralee Wade of Blakely.

He and his wife Stacey have two great children, and and his family are hoping he gets back to South Georgia soon.

PFC Taimeka Faison is the daughter of Reginald and Carolyn Aldridge of Bainbridge. 

Taimeka is a 2001 graduate of Bainbridge High.

This supply specialist for Task Force II Regiment was sent from her normal post in Germany to Baghdad after stopping through Kuwait in September of 2002.

Taimeka's family loves her very much and prays for her safe return.


Sergeant 1st Class David Smith is the son of Mrs. Annie Lee Smith and the late J. P. Smith, and is a graduate of Albany High School.

David is serving in Operation Iraq Freedom, and we hope to have him home soon.

Lance Corporal Frank Samuel is attached to the 2nd FSSG Supply Detachment, Unit 75009. 

Frank is a 2000 graduate of Cook County High School, and is the son of Charles and Iris Samuel.

We are very proud of Frank, and will be glad to have him come home.



Sergeant Nicole Cantrell has been serving in Kuwait and Afghanistan as part of the 310th Chemical Unit since August 2002.

Twenty-three-year-old Nicole enlisted i the Army when she was 17. Nicole is from Woodstock, and her grandmother is from Albany. 

Her family prays for Nicole and all the American service personnel.

Brick Rowles is a 1996 graduate of Atkinson County High School. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Roosevelt Rowles, Jr. of Pearson.

Brick is deployed to Iraq, and has a son waiting for him to return, as is his family.

God bless him and our troops!

Chief Warrant Officer III Debra Woods graduated from Nicholls High School in Coffee County.

She is th daughter of Willie J. and Geraldine Munford of Nicholls. She is a 19-year veteran of the Marine Corps, and is stationed at Camp Pendleton, California, where she, her husband Eddie, and daughter Jazmine live, in Morena Valley.

With love, her parents.

Raushanda Hollway is a 2000 graduate of Westover High School. She left for Naval training two days after commencement, and is now an E-5 Signalman in the Navigation Section, aboard the U.S.S. Tortuga, in the Persian Gulf.

She has two sons, Quanterrious and Larry.

 She has been at sea for 11 months, and her family is quite ready for her to come home.


Sergeant Frank Jordan serves in the Army. Frank is the son of Lois Green, who lives in Tifton, Georgia.

La Keyta Jordan is a Private First Class in the U. S. Army, and serves at Hunter Army Airfield, near Savannah.

Her family is very proud of her.

Love, her mom, Patricia Jordan.



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