WALB-TV salutes those who risk their lives to bring freedom to the Iraqi people...

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PFC Natasha Godfrey is the 19-year-old daughter of Johnny and Carrie Godfrey. Natasha graduate from Colquitt County High School in 2002. 

She is in the 698th Transportation Detachment of the Army Reserves.

Natasha left Ft. Stewart in the middle of April, and has been in Kuwait for three weeks. We want her to come home soon.

Johnny and Carrie Godfrey

Specialist Ricardo Calloway deployed from Ft. Stewart in September, and is now in Kuwait.

He graduated from Dougherty High in 1999, and immediately joined the Army. I pray that my 22-year-old only son will return safe and soon from the Middle East.

Love, Mom, Annette Calloway

Staff Sergeant Michael J. Toole is a 1991 graduate of Westover High School, and enlisted in the Army in 1994. 

Michael and his wife Tasha have a son, Nevan, who will be three-years-old on May 26th. 

The son of Phil and Shirley Tools, Michael is a Bradley Fighting Vehicle Mechanic, and hopes to return from Iraq in July.

Moultrie native Chief Warrant Officer Eugene Patrick McCloud is posted to the U.S.S. Austin, supporting Operation: Iraqi Freedom.

He lives in Norfolk, Virginia, and his parents. Mr, & Mrs. Herbert Lee McCloud. live in Moultrie. 

Eugene’s sisters are Felicia McCloud of Moultrie,  & Wylean Burke of Albany, GA. 

His brothers are: Cedric McCloud & Kenneth Edwards of Moultrie, GA.

Terry Dorminey is a Worth County native, who is assigned to the 1148th Transportation Unit based in Thomasville. He is stationed at Ft. Benning, and left for Kuwait on April 15th.

We are all very proud of Terry, and want him and all our troops to return home very soon.

With love, from his wife, Lora, and his daughter, Tara

Corporal Barrett Dilley is currently in Iraq assigned to the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit. Barrett has been an active duty Marine for over 3 years and has already shipped over for another four.

He is the son of retired Marine MSgt. Richard Dilley and Sandra Lee Dilley of Houston, TX.

He has extremely proud grandparents in Georgia- W. A. and Jewell Banks of Sylvester and Lyman and Dorothy Lee of Dublin. 

His grandparents in Utah, James and Peggy Dilley are just as proud. His brother, J. J. Dilley is serving in the Air Force in Arizona,
and is anxious for his Marine buddy to join him for some R & R in Mexico!

Sergeant Geary B. Grant is assigned to: the New River Air Station at Jacksonville, NC. Geary has served in Japan, Afghanistan, Germany, and Turkey. Geary provides security for aircraft maintenance.

He graduated from Cairo High School in 1999, and he joined the Marine Corps that summer. He is married to the former Anita Taylor. They have two sons, and Anita is expecting their third baby.

Corporal Billy W. Grant is Geary's brother. Billy is permanently stationed at Camp Lejeune, NC, but his unit was deployed to the Middle East in December. He served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and has returned to Kuwait.

Billy graduated from Cairo High in 2000, and soon joined the Marine Corps. The brothers are the sons Cynetha Grant of Whigham, and Nellum Grant of Bainbridge. They have two other brothers, Eddie and Christopher.

With love, their mom, Cynetha Grant

Lakendra Hicks is married to Marcus Hicks, and is the daughter of Vanessa Spivey and Wayne Stevens of Fitzgerald. She is the daughter in-law of Larry and Willie Mae Johnson, of Tifton.

Lakendra has been in the Air Force for three years, and is in Air Field Management at her home base at Eglin Air Force Base, near Fort Walton, Florida. 

Lakendra plans to make the Air Force her career. Currently, she is in Kuwait.

SSG. Lonnie Roberts from SunSweet, Georgia. 

He's been in the military for 10 years and is stationed at Fort Benning, in the 2nd Platoon, B Company 317th, presently serving in Operation: Iraqi Freedom. 

We want Lonnie, his wife and two children to know that we miss and love him very much, and our prayers are with him and we hope to see him home again soon.

Sent in By Rachel Waters and his mother, Mary Alice Singleton 

Dawson native Sergeant Emmanuel Carter, Sr. is serving in Kuwait with the 1148th Transportation Company, based at Ft. Benning. 

Emmanuel joined the Army after graduating from Albany High School in 1985. He served in the Gulf War in 1991, and in Bosnia in 2000. He is employed with the Dougherty Co. Sheriff's Department for nine years.

He has an 18-year-old daughter and a 4-year-old son. He misses his family, and his friends and family all miss him very much.

Petty officer Spergeon Trammell Teemer of Baconton, is a Damage Control man First Class,  in the Persian Gulf aboard the U.S.S. Rainier, which is a part of the U.S.S. Constellation battle group

He is the Leading Petty Officer in the shop, in charge of all fire fighting systems, Chemical, Biological and Radiological Defense system and equipment aboard ship. 

He is a former City of Albany, Georgia firefighter. He is the son of Mary Brown, and is married to Angela Smith Teemer.  

With love, from his Aunt Sharron Griffin

Warrant Officer Exzonda Moore is the daughter of Melvin and Mary Ann Parker of Camilla, GA. She is a 1988 graduate of Mitchell-Baker High School. She is currently in the Army's 183rd Maintenance Company from Fort Carson of Colorado Springs, and deployed to Kuwait in early January. She has been in the military for fourteen years, plans to make a career of it. 

Exzonda is the wife of Army MSG Joe Moore, who has also been deployed to Kuwait. They are in different camps about three hours apart from each other. They are the parents of a thirteen year old daughter Alystia, who is now living with us until her parents return to Fort Carson.

We hear from our daughter by phone several times each month and by way of e-mail almost weekly. 

As Exzonda's parents, we want them all to know how much we appreciate their love and care for our daughter and son-in-law while they are away from us.

Thank You. WALB for your support of our troops.

Mary Ann Parker (Mother)

Johnuel Lawayne Covin is a 20-year-old graduate of Monroe High, and is a Private First Class in the Army. 

He is stationed at Fort Hood, Texas, with the 4th Infantry Division, and serves as a Supply Specialist.

Specialist Dennis Lamon Logue from Bainbridge, Georgia,  is wth the 1148 Tranportation Company in Thomasville, Georgia. He is stationed in Iraq.

Sincerely, Sandra Harrell (Mother)

Sergeant Bryon T. Ray graduated from Dougherty High School in 1991. 

He has served in the Army for 12 years, and is stationed at Ft. Stewart. 

Bryon is a member of the "Iron Fist", of the 3rd Infantry Division, Mechanized.


Corporal Leslie Paul White of 
Thomasville, served 4 years in the Marines.  Paul was in Okinawa when 911 occurred. 

He was Honorably Discharged from the Marines in July of 2002, and then joined the Army National Guard, and is now in the Army due to war time. 

He was deployed to Kuwait, in April. He will be supplying fuel and food to the troops in Iraq.             

Pat Brinson,
Paul's mother

Genis Timmerman Hall is a Security Forces Investigator stationed at Robins Air Force base. She is a native of New Portland, Maine. She is the daughter of Nowetah Wirick, and William Timmerman, of New Portland , Maine.

Kevin R. Hall is also a Staff Sergeant with the USAF Security Forces, and is stationed somewhere in the Middle East. Kevin is a native of Arabi, Ga., and is the son of Richard and Sherry Hall of Arabi.

Specialist Rocky Thomas is from Blakely, Georgia. 

He is stationed in Kuwait at this time, and has been in the military for four years, and has just re-enlisted for three more years. 

He went to Kuwait from Fort Benning.

SPC Alejandro Houston is the son of Bubba and Betty Houston of Naylor.  He is the brother of Cheryl, Antoinette, Cynthia, and Tavares.  He also has a lovely wife, Claudia. 

He is presently deployed somewhere in Kuwait with Operation Iraqi Freedom.   Before his deployment he was stationed with the 109th QM Company in Ft. Lee, Virginia. SPC Houston is also a 1986 graduate of Lanier County High School in Lakeland, Georgia. His family misses him and we eagerly await his safe return. 

May God continue to keep and richly bless all of  the  many troops  that  are  serving our country.

Cynthia Anderson (Sister)

Sparks native Matt Speight is 19, and is deployed in the Persian Gulf with the Navy, aboard the U.S.S. Bridge. Matt is stationed at Bremerton, Washington, since enlisting in 2001.

His family loves him and misses him very much.

Specialist Mekisha W. Butler, is the daughter of Eva Byrd Butler of Camilla, GA & Curtis Butler, Sr. of Thomasville. She has three brothers, Dante' of Camilla. Curtis JR & Christopher of Thomasville.

She also has a second dad, Henry Whitfield, her grandmothers, aunts, uncles, other family members and friends that are praying and waiting for Mekisha's safe return home.

In May of 2001, she was an honor graduate from Mitchell-Baker High School Camilla. On June 7, 2001 she entered the U. S. Army.

Specialist DeWayne Cunningham & Specialist Mekisha W. Butler, were united in marriage, April 3, 2003, Fort Carson, Colorado. They were deployed April 8, 2003. Location is unknown to me at this time. DeWayne & Mekisha have family and friends praying and trusting that they will be home soon.  

With much love!! your mom & mother-in-law

21-year-old Bernard Stokes Jr. is a member of the 3rd Infantry Division of the U.S. Army, stationed in Baghdad. 

After graduation from high school, Bernard joined the Army. He is a native of Worth Country but was raised in Warwick. He is the father of a one-year-old daughter, Haitian. 

His parents are: Ms. Brenda Jean Stokes and Staff Sergeant, Bernard Stokes, Sr. Grand parents are Juanita Rockwell and George White Jr. 

Paternal parents: Mr. & Mrs. L. C. Stokes.

The family of SPC. Lula Ann Wynn who’s in the army (3rd infantry division) would
like to pay a special tribute to her for the work that she has achieved in operation
 Iraqi freedom. 

SPC Wynn was deployed from Ft. Stewart to Kuwait in January 2003 and is presently serving in Iraq. SPC. 
Wynn is the daughter of Mr. Bobby and
Mrs. Patricia Wynn of Pavo. Also her uncle Sgt. Robert Herring, Jr. of Texas,
who retired after serving 24 years in the Army, was in the Persian Gulf War in 1991.

Mario D. Williams is one of America's Bravest. He is currently serving in Iraq. We are not sure about his exact whereabouts. He is enlisted in the Navy as an E-2 electrician on the U.S. S. KEARSAGE , stationed in Norfolk, Virginia. We have not heard from him but once since he's been in Iraq. We miss him very much and look forward to his safe homecoming. He is the son of Jerry & JoAnn Williams of Cairo Georgia. He has two brother's Shantrale and Jerry Jr. Mario we love and miss you very much.

Jerry & JoAnn Williams (Parents)

SPC E-4 Toya Williams is in the Army, and is a graduate of Early County High in Blakely. She has been in the service for eight years, and deployed to Kuwait in March. Toya has a 15-month-old son. Her parents are Jim and Azzie Williams of Blakely.

Xavier Jermaine Bradford is graduate of Monroe High, and joined the Navy in 2001. 

He is in Iraq, assisting the Marine Corps as a Navy Corpsman.

Left-to-Right: PFC Patrick Madison graduated from Colquitt County High in 1992. He is the son of William and Janice Madison.

SPC. Derrick Madison is a 1999 Colquitt High grad., and is the son of Thomas Madison, Jr., and Patricia Young.

Demetrius Kinsey graduated in 1998, and is the son of Timothy and Gloria Kinsey of Norman Park.

Staff Sergeant David Valis is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Larry Valis of Albany. He has been in the Air Force 15 years, and is stationed at Robins Air Force Base. He is serving in Operation: Iraqi Freedom. He and his wife Missy have three children, Justin, Samantha, and Haley.

Damascus native Sergeant Rhonda Graham Jones has served in the Army for 18 years, and has been deployed for the last  three months. Rhonda is married, and has two daughters.


Thank you, 
her sister, Phyllis Graham

Corporal Henry Huddleston is from Nashville, and serves his country in the Marine Corps at 29 Palms, California. Henry's wife's name is Kelly. 
His family and friends are very proud of him. 

please keep him and all our personnel in your prayers.

Henry's dearest friend, 
B. J. Hillhouse

Staff Sgt.  Melvin McRae is the son of Nelson and Evelyn McRae of Jacksonville, Georgia, and is a 1987 graduate of Telfair County High School. His normal duty station is Camp Hovey, Korea.

We are very proud of Melvin, and we love and miss him very much.

Albanian PFC Timothy Kent is assigned to the 92nd Chemical Company Recon, deployed in Iraq. 

His mother passed in 1992, and his sister Valencia Rivers has raised him since he was 10 years old.

She and his other siblings are very proud of Timothy, and we'll be very glad when he comes home.

My son PFC. Bobby Jackson Jr. he is with the Patriot Missiles out of Fort Bliss Texas.  He is a graduate of Dougherty Comprehensive High School and joined the army right out of school in 1994. He is presently in Kuwait after having been all the way into Baghdad. We had a phone call from him Sunday and he is looking forward to coming home and seeing his daughter that he has not seen since she was three months old.  We are extremely proud of him and all our troops who serve and protect our freedom and to free the Iraqi people.
God Bless ,
Beverly Jackson

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