WALB-TV salutes those who risk their lives to bring freedom to the Iraqi people...

New-- Photos of America's Military in Action

Sergeant Tamara Singleton is a 1993 graduate of Dougherty High, and is serving her country in Kuwait. 

Her mom is Diane Singleton, and her grandmom is Betty Hall.

Submitted with love for Tamara, from her aunt and uncle, Rose Hall, and Victor Singleton.

Officer E-5 Carl J. Howard is the son of Earnestine Sumter of Fitzgerald. 

Carl is assigned to the U.S.S. Kearsarge, with the Air Department. 

We expect him home soon. I talked to him recently, and he said he's fine.


Warrant Officer Thomas Kendrick “Ken” Moore graduated From Turner County High in Ashburn, in I998. He has been in the Army for 2 years. He is with the 101 Airborne, from Fort Campbell, Ky. He is a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter pilot, stationed in northern Iraq. He has been in Iraq since March, and may get to come home in September. 

His family and friends miss him very much and they are all extremely proud of him. 

Thank you for showing our boys and girls on WALB-TV. I think this is a great way to show the world our dedicated men and women from our area who are making great sacrifices for us all. 

Thank you, 
Mary Denham, Ken’s mother

Kenneth Hunt is a 1996 graduate of Dougherty High School, and was stationed at Fort Bragg, NC,  with the 77th Fox Petroleum Supply Unit, and served in Afghanistan.

Since returning to the USA, Kenneth has re-deployed with the 172nd Stryker Brigade to Iraq. He has been serving in the US Army for 11 years. 
He is the husband of  LaTasha and have two daughters Kei'Shombria and Jasmine Hunt who wait him in Fort Wainwright, Alaska.  He is the son of Forest and Quetta Hunt of Albany, Ga. He is the brother of Harriett Stephens.

Kenneth's family is praying for him to return home safely and we would like to thank all of you for your prayers.


Corporal Wesley Polite is a native of Worth County, and serves with the 1st Armored Division, 1st Brigade, 237 Battalion, in Iraq. 

Wesley is the son of Lillie Polite, and Ralph Henry. 

His wife, Trinae and their three daughters are in Germany, where he is stationed. Wesley has a brother in the Air Force in South Dakota, and a brother-in-law serving in Italy.

We spoke to him last week, and Wesley was fine.


Army Spc. John T. Robinson, Jr. of Norman Park, serves with the 10th Mountain Division from Ft. Drum, N.Y., and drives a transport for the troops.   He was recently deployed to Kuwait.  

The 1999 graduate of Colquitt County High School  is the son of Tim and Toni Robinson and brother of Adam Robinson,  and is known to all his friends and family as T. J. 
His family is very proud of him and prays for his safe return.
Love from his family.

Petty Officer Velverlene Brown is the daughter of Emma jean Brown. She is a graduate of Turner County High School.


CPL. Eddie James Murphy Jr. was raised in Abbeville GA. He is the son of Eddie and Rosa Lee Murphy. He has one sister, Tiffany Murphy. Eddie is 23 years old. In 1998 he graduated from Wilcox County High School. A few months after, he proudly joined the Marines Corps. He has served in the Marines for four and a half years. Eddie was stationed at Camp Pendleton in California, but he is presently serving in Kuwait. Eddie hopes to be home in July.

Sgt. Gary Dorminey graduated from Worth County High in 1978, and serves now with the 1148th Transportation Company in Thomasville.

He first served in Kuwait, and then in Iraq. Gary and his wife Susie have two sons.

The family lives in Sumner.

Travis Jones, from Fitzgerald, serves with the Army, and is based at Fort Stewart. 

He is in Iraq, after serving in Kuwait.


Lewis Crockett, Jr. not only served in the Marine Corps, as this this picture shows, but then re-enlisted in the Army. He is stationed at Fort Stewart, and serves with the 13th CSB, 396 Transportation Co. He had been back home just a moth when he had to ship out for the Middle East.

Lewis is from Ashburn.


Timothy J. Searcy a 1986 graduate from Sumter Co. High School in Americus. He has been in the U.S. Army for 15 years. He is stationed in Fort Campbell, Ky. with his wife, Kela, and 5 kids. He has been gone for six months now.

Photo sent in by mom Christine Gardner and sisters Yolanda Sanford and Ranetta Zanders. We love you, miss you, and our prayers are with you.

My husband is SFC Ryszard Sahli.  He is assigned to 64th CSG, currently deployed to Iraq.  He's been gone for four months.  

We have four children and we all miss him very much.  

This separation is tough, as we are a close family.  I included a picture he sent from a palace.  He is a great soldier and we are very proud of him.  

We pray that Iraq can be quickly stabilized, so that all of our loved ones can return home. 


Edward Hayes, Junior is a 1998 graduate of Sumter Co. High School, and enlisted in the Army soon afterward.

He has a sister, and two brothers. He is the son of Edward and Julia Hayes, of Cobb, Georgia.

We are very proud of him, and hope to see him soon!

SGT (P) Edward B. Johnson is deployed in support of "Operation Iraqi Freedom since April of 2003.  He is deployed with the Third Infantry Division in Baghdad.

He is a graduate of Dougherty Comprehensive High School class of '92, Albany, Georgia.  He and his family, wife Veronica, also from Albany, and three kids - Jazmine, Darius, and Nadja,  are stationed in Kansas.  His mother -  Mary Carter, six sisters, multitude of nieces and nephews, cousins, and aunt are still residents of Albany.  We are all very proud of him, pray he comes home safely.


Dear WALB,
    My husband Petty Officer Daniel P'pool is currently in the US Navy. He is a jet mechanic for strike fighter squadron 115 based in Lemoore, CA. Native of Pelham, GA. 

     On September 11, 2001 he was stationed in Jacksonville, FL on the USS John F. Kennedy and took part in Operation Enduring Freedom in the Gulf. Then once transferred to NASL took part in Operation Iraqi Freedom with the USS Abraham Lincoln. 
      Daniel is now doing work-ups to go on a 3rd "cruise" in which we will not know the outcome till he comes home. He is the Grandson of James, and Clara P'pool of Pelham, son of David and Judy P'pool, and husband to Candace McCurley of Cairo.
      He says, "Being in the military and fighting for my country has been a highlight of my life. I enjoy knowing that I am protecting my friends and family and ensuring their freedom. I have seen more than I have ever dreamed of and continue to see more everyday."
     Daniel is looking forward to coming home soon. He has not been able to visit home for about two years now. Thank you for the support and I hope that it will be an on going thing.

                                     Candace P'pool 


Sgt. Albert Campbell Jr. is stationed in Ft. Stewart's 3rd Infantry Division with HHC Discom.  

    He is an Americus High 1979 graduate,  23-years-old and has been in the Army for 3 years.    He attended Darton College for 2 years where he met his wife of 3 years, Katessa Newberry.  
    In January of 2002, Sgt. Campbell had to go on tour in Korea when their daughter was only 4 months old.  He had only been back for a month this year when he received orders and had to go to Iraq.   His wife and 1and a half year old daughter Tiaura are currently living in Albany, Ga. until he returns.  
       Sgt. Campbell also has a 5 year old son, Desmond, who resides in Americus with his mother.   
      He talks to his wife almost daily by phone or email, and he says he is in God's hands and is doing fine.  His wife hopes for him to return safely so that he can see his daughter turn 2 in August.   
       His wife also says her husband is truly her biggest hero, and  best friend, and she can not wait for him to come home.


My husband, SPC, Wade Lowery, is currently serving in Iraq. He deployed on April 11, 2003, only two months after our first child was born.

   Wade is 23-years-old and has only been in the Washington Army National Guard for two years. He is serving with the 14th Engineer Battalion stationed at Fort Lewis, WA. He is a demolitions engineer as well as a driver of an FMTV.
   Since he's been gone Wade has missed his birthday, our first anniversary, and numerous holidays. Before he returns home he will also miss our daughter's first birthday.
    We love him very much and count the days until he returns home to us. We pray for his safety as well as all other soldiers separated from loved ones.

Amy and Jayd Lowery
Vancouver, WA

Specialist Jonathan L Wheeler, originally from Moultrie Georgia,  graduated from Colquitt County High in 1996.  

He is the son of Richard Wheeler of Newton, Georgia and Mary Jane Burgess of Moultrie Georgia.  

Jonathan is the husband of Carrie Wheeler 
of Marquette, Michigan, and the father of Katy(5) and Anna(2).  

Jon is a member of the Michigan National Guard  RSB Company C out of K. I. Sawyer, Michigan.

Dear WALB,
My cousin J. W. DeVere is in Baghdad. He was stationed there a year ago. He is in the Army and faces the dangers of being a solider everyday just like these other people. I wanted to put his picture on here cause I want the whole world to know I'm very proud of him and very proud of all the soldiers in this world. 

While he is fighting wars, I'm at home fighting the fight for the Lord. I love you J. W. I hope you are home by the Forth of July this time!!!! I pray every night for all the soldiers' safety. I also pray for the wives that are at home and the kids that do not have their dads at home right now. 

J. W. is also a proud father of two very smart and beautiful children. Thank you WALB for honoring our men!!!! God Bless!

Tania, Robert, Karen Mathis and Landon Sharpton
Come home cuz! I love you and miss you. I love you and miss you too, Fran!!!!! 
This is Sgt. James "Jay" Christmas from Pinehurst, GA.  

   Jay is a 1999 graduate of Crisp County High School in Cordele, GA and joined the USMC shortly after graduation.  All he could talk about his Senior year was becoming a Marine and he followed his dream, serving in the corps for 5 years now and has been deployed on this tour in Afghanistan since April. 
   I hear from him often, he sends me pictures such as the one here of his activities while deployed.  Jay is pictured with a local store owner in Afghanistan and his children after giving the kids toys. 

Jay's son, Lance Keegan, will turn 2 in November.  He will probably miss his birthday, but sacrifices like these make our troops special.  They are willing to sacrifice their own feelings to protect and maintain freedom for us all.
In browsing all the pictures posted here I also would like to honor the others that I know who have already been mentioned.  All my prayers go to my cousin Staff Sergeant Chad Moore of Turner County, Dwayne P. Mann of Leesburg, GA and Casey Colter of Vienna, GA.  I would also like to send my  love out to Michael R. Stroud of Ft. Campbell, KY who is Army Infantry with 101st Airborne and Wesley Wooden who is USAF stationed in Turkey.  
Love & Miss You All!
Lindsey Lewis
Dear WALB,

Hello, my name is Beth Rosales and these are pictures of my brother-in-law, Staff Sergeant, Automated Logistical Specialist Sergio Rosales.

Sergio has a wife, Simonetta, and a 5-year-old daughter, Helena. They are currently in Italy, where they live. Sergio's parents are Julio and San Juana Rosales from Moultrie, GA.

 Including my husband, Rolando, he has three brothers with their families and two sisters who all live in Moultrie. Sergio has been in the service for a little over 12 years. He has been deployed to Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. He served in Iraq in 2003 for 7 months with the 54th Engineer Battalion, attached to 3rd Infantry Division.

He is currently deployed with Special Operations Central Command in Doha, Qatar, working with the Special Forces all over in the middle east.

It's pretty hard on all the family with him being over seas, especially last year,
and especially hard on his wife and daughter who miss him very much.

He was supposed to come home in  November, but was extended.  He
was able to visit for three weeks in 2003.

We just ask to keep him in your prayers as well as all of our troops to stay safe.

We love you and miss you,

Rolando, Beth Rosales and Family.

Dear WALB,

Lance Corporal Joseph Lee Yawn, USMC is a very special to all that know are love him.

He has the kindest person that you will ever meet, always putting others a head of his on needs. He has touched lives here of the young and the old. We are very proud of our son, brother and friend as well as our Marine Hero.

He joined shortly after high school, thinking that he could save the world, and following his dreams of being the best that he could be. We keep him and his band of brothers who are fighting in Operation Iraqi Freedom in our prayers daily.
Parents: Deceased father;  W. Joseph Yawn, Mother Tammy Braun, Step father Jerome Braun, as well as his only brother W. Brandon  (Bam-Bam) Yawn, all in Denton, Ga.
We Love him and very proud of him. His favorite saying ; If GOD brought me to it then GOD will surely bring me through it.
May God Bless our troops . A mother staying on her knees until all of them come home safe.
His Proud Marine Mom,


 Tammy Braun 


Dear WALB,

My nephew, Specialist 4 Nicholas Braxton Hudson, is proudly serving as a member of A
Company, 326 Engineering Battalion, attached to the 101st Airborne in Ft.
Campbell Ky.

He joined the Army at the tender age of 17.

 He was deployed to Iraq where he spent a year fighting in Operation Enduring Freedom and was awarded the Army Commendation Medal for actions during the war.

He is the son of Nick and Kim Hudson and Pam Phillips. He is the grandson
of Laverne Hudson, the late Braxton Hudson and Smokey Phillips and Roberta

He is the husband of Haley Singletary Hudson.

Nicholas is originally from Baker County, Georgia. He is in Kentucky at this time and we hope that he does not have to return to Iraq.


Mechelle Pait

I would like to submit this picture of 1SG Charles Barnes.
He is the First Sergeant for the 632nd Maintenance Company which is a part of the 3rd Infantry Division, 87Th Corp Support Battalion from Fort Stewart, Georgia.

He is currently serving in northern Iraq.

He is in all our prayers and we would like to salute him and his soldiers for the outstanding job they are doing.
Submitted by Chris Dillon

Specialist Chris Vaughn is serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Chris is the Son of Donnie and Barbra Vaughn of Nashville, Georgia. He is the Husband of Helen Vaughn, and the couple has two children.

Here is the the link to the website for Valdosta's A Company of the 1/121 IN-


   I wanted to add my husband Specialist Shaun Breeden to the America's Bravest.  He is currently serving in Iraq with Second Infantry Division, based in Korea. 

 Shaun Graduated form Sherwood Christian Academy in 1991. He is the Son of Lee County Sheriff Harold and Linda Breeden, and is the brother of Janis Breeden Bush and the Uncle of Brittney and Hunter, and brother in law of Rick Bush. 

 He is a wonderful husband and father to me and five-year-old Dana. We all miss and Love him Very Much. Shaun has been Gone since Easter Sunday 2004, first he went to Korea and once he got there he volunteered to go to Iraq. 

 We pray every night for his and the rest of our hero's safe return. 
I also want to thank WALB for their support and appreciation for our troops.

 God Bless America,

 Wendy Davis Breeden

Here is a picture of my son PFC Michael Wells in Iraq. He left for Iraq in October 6, 2004 . He is at a place called Camp Bucca . He drives a armored bus in convoys to Baghdad. 

Michael is 20 years old, and lives in Bryson City, NC . But I live in Adel , GA. Please add him to you group of brave soldiers.

I am very proud of my son, he is as all are doing fighting to keep this country free. I love my son and miss him very much.

Also keep him in your prayers.

Thank you,
Lucille Seelye

Spc. Jamie Cribb of Alapaha, Georgia is the grandson of Coleman and Faye Warren of Alapaha. 

His parents are Donna Valdez of Alapaha and Randall Cribb of Warner Robins.  Jamie has one sister, Kim Pitts of Alapaha. 

He also has two precious sons, Zach and Justin Cribb.


Jamie is a member of Alpha company 2/121 Infantry (MECH) 48th Brigade Based in Valdosta, Ga.
Jamie is currently training in Ft. Stewart.  He will be in Iraq by the middle of Spring.
His sister along with the rest of his family miss him very much.  We pray each night for his safe return.

Jamie, we are very proud of the man you have become.  WE LOVE YOU!!


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