WALB-TV salutes those who risk their lives to bring freedom to the Iraqi people...

New-- Photos of America's Military in Action


My son, Lance Corporal Kris Devine is a 2003 graduate of Colquitt Co High.

Devine is a Plane Captain currently stationed with the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit  (MEU) from Cherry Point, NC aboard the USS Kearsarge, which currently on an 8 month deployment.

Kris has 3 siblings Steven-6  Marisa-5  Sammy-4  waiting at home for his safe return. 

Joshua 1:9

         I command you, be strong and courageous!!
 Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go...
God Bless our Troops!!!
Semper Fi
Proud Marine Mom 
Denise Flores <>< 
Thanks WALB for this wonderful tribute to our soldiers.

Roffie Sheppard, formerly of Shellman, Georgia, is First Sergeant of 2nd Battalion, 121st Infantry, 48th Brigade Combat Team, out of Lawrenceville, GA.

He has been training at Fort Stewart, GA since January, 2005 and was deployed on May 15th for a one year tour of duty in Iraq.

He is the son of Mary E. Sheppard of Shellman. His brothers, Tommy and Norris, of Shellman; Charles of Ocilla; Ronnie of Bainbridge; and Carey, stationed in Japan; and his sister, Mae of Atlanta; as well as his many cousins and friends, pray for his safe return home.

We Wish You Godspeed TOP!!!

My name is CPL J. D. Quinn, USMC.  I am currently in Al Asad Iraq. I just want to say thanks for all the support and I would like to tell my family I love them.

I graduated Mitchell-Baker High School in 2001. Joined the Marines in Feb of 2002. Home station is Cherry Point NC. I am an Airframe Mechanic of Marine Tactical Warfare Squadron 4 (VMAQ-4).

My parents are Lorna and Wayne Quinn of Doerun. My brother is Wayne Quinn Jr. of Albany, and sister is Rachael McCullough of Albany as well.

Keep me in your prayers.

This is my group, and I am the Marine holding the red Marine Corps Flag.


Dear WALB,


 This is my husband, Specialist Jason Malone. 

He is a Bradley driver for the 48th Brigade, 2-121st infantry. 

We live in Cordele.  In this photo, he is holding one of our three daughters, Savannah, the baby, BreeAnna Malone who is 7, and Hannah Taylor who is 6. 

 His parents are Arlis and Peggy Malone,  also  from Cordele. 

I am very proud of my husband. We pray for everyone over there everyday. 

May God bless you and you have a safe return!!

We love you please be careful.
Love Always,

 Brandi Malone and Family


Dear Channel 10,

My son SPC Mark Graham is 23 and serving
in Iraq. 

He joined the National Guard after he

graduated from West Laurens High School.
He is with the 148th 48TH BCT in Dublin, Georgia.

He is married to Katie Graham and they are
expecting their first baby and my grandchild
the 31st of August.
Mother and Stepfather:
Vickey & Wayne Thomas
Wife: Katie Graham
Grandmother: Alma Brantley 

 I would like you to meet my "Very Special Hero"!
He is a Husband, Father, Son and an Brother. 

His name is SPC Jeffrey D. Holloway.  He is now serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Jeff has been serving with the Georgia National Guards for 15 years.  In these years he has served with an Engineering Company and his recent Unit is Bravo Company  2-121 INF (M) of Cordele.  Until this deployment he was with Charlie Company 2-121 INF (M) of Americus.  He is an Bradley Driver and also he has trained as a Gunner. 

Our home town is Leslie where he worked as a Police Officer. His parents are David and Linda Holloway of Leslie.  He has 2 brothers, Andrew Holloway of Albany and Matthew Holloway of Americus.  He has a wonderful son, Jacob Holloway who is 8 years old, who is missing his daddy and waiting for him to come home.  

Jeff is a very loving Father and a son who is dearly missed but mostly he is missed by me the most.  Words are hard to write in how I feel without him here in my life daily.  The little things that he would do would bring total happiness in my life.  He is the sunshine when my days were going wrong and my strength when I needed that extra push.  Without him here is like part of my life is missing but I know he is doing what he wanted to do.  He is serving his country with pride. I just wanted you to know that I am "Very Proud" of my Special Hero!

Debi Holloway,
Proud Wife Of A Special Hero,
SPC Jeffrey D. Holloway
Hello, I would like to ask that you put my husband in with the rest of the brave men and women of this great country.

I am from Pitts, Georgia and I married one of our bravest from Brunswick, Georgia. He is currently in California for training with the Georgia Army National Guard. In May they will be leaving to go to Iraq for about 18 months. He also served in the Gulf War back in 1991 as a Marine.

Myself, Beverly, and his Mom and Dad, Kellie, his sister, Drew and Baker his nephews and also his step-daughters Amanda and Kristen wants him to hurry home and keep safe.

Bless each and every one of the men and women who protect us. 

We love you, Liz, and Bev

  Master Sergeant Scott Browning recently    returned from Ghazni, Afghanistan in February. 

He was assigned to the 3-116th Infantry Division out of Virginia for 6 months.  Browning is in the Air Force Air National Guard / 165th ASOS.

 Browning is a "JTAC".  This was his second tour
over seas in the past two years. First in Iraq and
then Afghanistan. 

Master Sergeant Scott Browning is a Deputy Sheriff in Lowndes County, (Valdosta) Georgia.

V / R
MSgt Scott Browning
165th ASOS

I would like to ask that you put my son in with the rest of the brave men and women of this great country. 

His name is Specialist Jason Parks from Pitts, Ga.  He is currently serving in Iraq with all of his fellow brave brothers & sisters in the 48th Brigade, Georgia Army National Guard, from Cordele.

He is in the Bravo Bulls 2-121st company.

He joined the Guard in 2002 at the young age of 17. We, his mother, H. Theresa, his father Carl F., Jr & his brother  Timothy J.  are very proud of him and miss him more than words can express.

We pray for all our soldiers daily that they will all come back home safe. We love you Jason.


Theresa Parks
My husband, Specialist Chris Youngblood IS among America's Bravest.  He is a proud member of Bravo Company 2-121 Infantry of the 48th Brigade Combat Team.  He is currently serving in Iraq.  

This country should stand proud that we have people like my husband, willing to make the ultimate sacrifice, for not only our freedoms, but the freedoms of others. 

 I think of Chris each and every minute.  We miss him dearly and pray for him all the time.  He is a wonderful father and an even better husband.  We are so very proud of the person he is and the beliefs that he fights for.

This is OUR country and OUR troops.  We must stand tall and show these soldiers how much we care and how much we support them.  I want to thank you for your support as well.  

Not often do we see the positives in the media.  Thank you WALB. 

"Home of the free, because of the brave."
Lynn Youngblood
Proud wife of Specialist Chris Youngblood

   This is David Pate of Leesburg, Ga.  He is the son of Scott Pate and Jennifer Lamb. 

David joined the National Guard unit out of Albany in his Junior year of High school. 

He is currently serving as a Combat Medic in Iraq. 

My prayers and best wishes go out to my son and all the other men and women serving our country. 



This is my husband SPC. Phillip R. Staines.

He is with HHC 2-121 Infantry, 48th Brigade Combat Team from Albany.  He is serving in Iraq taking part of Operation Iraqi freedom.

I am so proud of him and all the other soldiers serving.

May GOD be with all the Soldiers and there families.

Donna Staines
Proud Wife of Specialist Staines



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