WALB-TV salutes those who risk their lives to bring freedom to the Iraqi people...

New-- Photos of America's Military in Action

This is our son Lance Corporal Ricky Blake Crosby, Intelligence/2nd Radio Battalion
US Marines.
Blake has always had the desire to join the Marines. When he was 7, he wrote his father and me a letter telling us he was going
to join the military and we would be proud of him, and if anything happened to
him he would not want us to be angry at his country. I still have this letter and
find myself reading it often in the last few weeks. 

Blake signed for the delayed entry program July 20, 2000, when he was 17. Two weeks after high school graduation from Atkinson County in 2001 he left for boot camp.

Blake was deployed to Kuwait Jan. 2003, and is now in Iraq. We are very proud
parents and pray day and night for all our men and women in harms way.

What a greater gift to be given than the gift of FREEDOM?!

Love, his parents, Ricky and Robyn Crosby,
Willacoochee, GA

This is SSgt Vincent Kendrick, He is with (NBC) Nuclear Biological Chemical Unit from Ft. 
Benning GA.   

  He's the son of Leola and King Kendrick of Albany.

He has been deployed to Iraq since January. 
He is a graduate of Dougherty High Class of 
1988, and is a 14 year Military Veteran.

We have heard no word from him since he deployed.

  We pray GOD keeps him safe.


Dear WALB,

This is my husband, PFC Casey Wilcox, who is serving in the 3rd Infantry Division in Kuwait. We are stationed at Ft. Stewart, and he was deployed in November. He is from Adel, and I am from Lakeland. We are expecting our first baby and day now.

His deployment is a sacrifice for our family, but I am proud of him and all the other troops serving our country.

Thank you for recognizing the troops from our area.

Michelle Wilcox,
Naylor, Ga.


Hello: My name is Candice Dobbs, and I'm currently a graduating Senior at Albany State.

I am sending a picture of my fiancé, 1st Lt. Derrick Nathaniel Pray. He is currently deployed in Baghdad, and he's in the 3rd Brigade 3rd Infantry. He is a Chemical Specialist in the U.S. Army, and has been serving for the Army for three years.

He is from Allenhurst, GA. Derrick was deployed from Ft. Benning, GA, and his family and I have not talked to him since his deployment in January. 

Derrick is such a special person to me. He is a very strong-minded, dependable, and loving man. 

Please post his picture along with our other troops who are doing such a brave act in Iraq.  Thank you for your cooperation.

 Sincerely, Candice Dobbs

Antonio Crapps is the son of Rena and Curtis Crapps of Dawson. 

Antonio is 22, and graduated from Terrell County High School. 

He joined the U.S. Army in 1999, and drives trucks to keep our troops supplied.

His family loves him very much, and we are very proud of him.

Congratulations go out to Damascus native Timothy Edward Brown, seen on the right in the photo above.

Tim is aboard the U.S.S.. Fitzgerald, in the Persian Gulf. His peace time post is San Diego, California. His wife's name is Dorene, and the couple has two children, Lil Man, and Nae Nae.

His parents are Mary Frances Brown and Charlie Brown, Jr. Tim has two brothers and four sisters.

Love, from his sister, Van Williams


Dear WALB,

Nineteen-year-old Albanian Matthew S. McLean, is a Lance Corporal in the Marine Corps, and  is stationed at Camp Lejeune.

He is now serving in the "war in Iraq". He’s been in the Marines almost two years.  I give all the credit for his career to his 4 years of ROTC at Westover High School.  He enjoys going to church & fixing up his car.


Love, from his family,

Sheryl McLean

Dear Ben, 

I am sending you a picture of my 23-year-old son, Henry Cameron, who is serving in the Army, and is stationed in Kuwait. 
Henry was in the ROTC when he attended Mitchell-baker High School, and he worked as a meat cutter at the Winn Dixie in Camilla. 

I received one letter from him since he’s been deployed, and I would like very much to hear from him soon; he is my only son. His sister attends Pelham High School. I am 69 years old, and we miss our Henry very much. 

Yours Truly, 

Russell Cameron


My name is Christy Hersey. I am from Pearson and my husband, Jason, is from Douglas. He is currently stationed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. His unit is 101st Airborne Division. He is now deployed with his unit to Kuwait. He is a Blackhawk helicopter pilot. His rank is Warrant Officer 1.
I just wanted to write to you all to let everyone get a feel for what our soldiers are doing for our country over there. The letter I received today was very sad. It told me all about how they did not have running water, no hot showers and no hot meals. When they finally got to call home the conversation was all broken up.

I just wanted to write, and maybe the ones that know about this letter will learn, that is, the ones who don't already know, how much our troops are going through to keep our country safe. I just really appreciate what WALB-TV is doing with the photos.

Thank you for your time, and we appreciate all the prayers of those who are. The photo is not really recent but it is the only one I have here with me. Also, we have a six-year-old son.

Thank You,

Christy Hersey      

P.S. This is sent in from his whole family and his friends.

This is my good friend  Specialist  Lincoln Wayne Dawson of Moultrie, Ga  Son of Robert and Janice Spradly of Ellenton, Ga. 

Lincoln is stationed in Fort Campbell in Kentucky.  He is in the 101st Airborne Division, know as the "Screaming Eagles"  He is in communications. He is currently serving his country in Iraq.  His first tour of duty was in Korea.  He has been in the Army for 2.5  years.

We are so proud of Lincoln and what he is doing for our country and he will always be our hero.  We hope to see him soon and we love him very much.

Thanks for posting this.

His sisters family Alice, Kevin and Garret Rooks and good friends Brian and Nicole Daniels


Larry "Scooter" Dominy Jr.,  is the son of Larry & Mary K. Dominy of Fitzgerald Ga. and Randy & Marsha Stubbs of Rochelle Ga. They are proud of their son's service in the U. S. Air Force.
Scooter was stationed at Seymour/Johnson Air Force base in Goldsboro NC. We are not sure where he is now. 

We talked to him one time when he arrived at his location, a tent in the desert, but for security reasons he could not tell us where he was. 

Keep him and all of our troops in your prayers.
Love, from his family


This is Staff Sergeant Steve Johnson from Ocilla, Ga.  Steve is in the Air Force station in Japan.  He is currently deployed to Qatar.  

His wife's name is Kimberly of Tifton, Ga. She is currently in Japan awaiting his safe return.  

Steve's parents are Mr. Warnell and Rosetta Johnson of Ocilla.  Steve's and Kim's families is praying for their safe return to Ocilla and Tifton.

 His brother, Charlie Johnson

Lance Corporal Marvin T. Barnes, 8th Legionnaire Supply Battalion, is the son of Willie and Doris Barnes of Leary, GA. 

He   graduated from Calhoun County High School in 1999 and soon after enlisted into the Marine Corps on August 29, 1999.
Lance Corporal Barnes is currently stationed in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, until January 2003 when he was sent to the Persian Gulf. 

We are hoping and praying for our son and all our troops to return home safely. 

Love, from Willie and Doris Barnes

Sgt. 1st class William Eric Hadley is with the 3rd Battalion Supply Team in Baghdad. 

His peace time duty station is Ft. Stewart.

William Eric is from Camilla GA. His wife and two sons live in Hinesville, GA. 

His mother, Carol Hadley, and brother, Derek Hadley,  live in Camilla GA. 

If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit. Let us not become conceited, provoking one another, envying one another. 

Galatians 5:25-26

This is a photo of my husband, Staff Sergeant Kerwin Goden.
He has been deployed since November to the Gulf region. He is a part of the 347th Services Squadron at Moody AFB. 

He has three small children ages 4, 3, and 20 months. We would appreciate the prayers and support of everyone in our community to have him and his crew make a safe return soon.

With Love, his wife, Tonia

I would like you to know about my husband, who I consider one of America's Bravest Marines. His name is Derrell Ary "Bo" Weitman. 

He has PROUDLY served in the United States Marine Corps for 9.5 years. He is a Staff Sergeant and currently deployed to Kuwait. He is originally from Cordele, Ga. and went to boot camp shortly after graduating from Crisp County High School in 1993. We are currently stationed at MCAS Beaufort, SC. 

His parents are Linda and Kerry Weitman, his sister and brother-in-law Shea and Bill Cleghorn. We are all so very proud of him and pray that he hurry home safely. 

Thank you for recognizing our troops while they are serving during this war time. 

May God Bless each and every one of them!!

 Thanks~ Nikki Neighbors Weitman

Marine Sergeant Philip Schlesinger is serving his country in Iraq. A 1999 graduate of Berrien High School, He was deployed from Camp LeJeune, North Carolina. He is serving with the 2nd Tank Batallion of the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force. He is the son of Phil and Pat Schlesinger of Nashville, Georgia and Sherry and Dennis Jacoberger of Orange Park Florida.

This is our only son Charles S. Carter II. Charley  is 32 and a Seabee in the Navy.  He is attached with Fleet Hospital Three. He is a Builder in the CB's. This is his 2nd time in Kuwait. He also fought in Desert Storm, and  served in  Somalia, helped make repairs in Guam, and has had various deployments abroad.  Charley  graduated from Echols County High School in Statenville, Ga. & then left for the Navy to see the world after graduation from  high school in 1989.  He has an 11-year-old sister, Christian & two children, Chase 11 & Catie 8 that live in California ,and a little one on the way in Oct 2003. We all love & miss him very much. He is on many prayer list ,as are all of our service members for a speedy and safe return.

HM3 Greene, Charles F.
Health Services Battalion Alpha Company
From Camp Lejeune North Carolina

Charles is presently serving as a Corpsman in the United States Navy in Iraq.
He is 23, and the father of 3-year-old, Daquan Maleek both are from Albany Georgia.
Charles has been in the Navy since 1999 right our of high school. He wanted to be a Navy
Seal to serve his country.  He loves martial arts and being physically active and fit.  We miss
and love you very much.  Please stay safe and may God protect you.  You are in our prayers.
Love your mom,
Victoria Hall

Air Guard Technical Sgt. Paul Thomas Perry, age 44, is the son of Paul & Evelyn
Perry of Doerun.

He was deployed Jan. 17 for the Middle East from Herbert Field in Florida. 

Perry has two children: Ashley, 19, & Matthew, 16 of Chino Hills, California



Wesley Lowthian is a 1999 Lee County Graduate.
He is a third generation war veteran His grandfather served in World War II and Korea.

His father served in Vietnam, and his brother served four years in the Navy during the Bosnia Conflict. 

Wes joined the Navy in 2001. He is serving in the Persian Gulf on a destroyer. We are very proud of him.

 May God bring him home safe. In God We Trust.. 

We Love You Wes, Dad and Mom

This is our hero, SFC Jerome Day, who is the husband of Jan Day. They have four children, Ashley, Jennifer, Jared, and Michael.
He is the grandfather of Daisy and Katie Belle Tucker, and the father-in-law of Brad Tucker and Jennifer Vickers. SFC Day is with the 3rd Infantry's 123 Signal Battalion from Fort Stewart, Georgia. He has been in the military for almost 18 years. He severed in Desert Storm and is currently in Iraq. 

His family is awaiting his return and stand behind their hero. 

The Family of SFC Day

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