WALB-TV salutes those who risk their lives to bring freedom to the Iraqi people...

New-- Photos of America's Military in Action


This is a picture of my son Spc. Travis Nelson of the U.S. Army. He is currently in Iraq and involved with Operation Iraqi Freedom. He is with the V Corps, 22Signal Brigade, 17th Signal Battalion HHC. 

He is the son of Pam Nelson of Albany, Ga., Roy Nelson who resides in Riverside, California and the brother of Stacey Nelson who lives in Savannah. We are so very proud of Travis and all the men and women of our coalition forces who are sacrificing daily for the freedom of many nations and many peoples. We are so blessed to have men & women who are willing to fight, and some to die, for the lives of millions of people they may never meet, but are yet willing to lay down their lives for them. We may never fully understand this side of Heaven, great impact this war has had and will continue to have on the lives of multitudes of peoples throughout the world. My God bless, protect and keep them from harm's way in the days and months to come in the Name of Jesus. 

Thank you for your support of our President, our troops and our families.

Sincerely, in Christ, 
Pam Nelson

Our Son is Captain Harry A. “Zan” Hornbuckle, who serves in the U. S. Army's 
3rd Infantry Division, 2nd Brigade. 

He is currently in downtown Baghdad. He is married to Vicki, and they have a Son, Alex, who had his first birthday on April 5th. 

They live just outside Fort Stewart in Richmond Hill.
With love, 

Myric & Alex Hornbuckle,

Leesburg, Ga.

Raymond James Clark, Jr. is a 19-year-old graduate of Worth County High School. He enlisted in the Army right after high school, and serves in an artillery unit based at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

His family is very proud of Raymond. He told his mother before he left that "The same God who is here with me now will be there with me then."

He was stationed in Killeen, Texas, and the last time we heard from him was March 27, and he left for Turkey the next day.

With love, from the Clarks

Staff Sergeant John C. Black is stationed at Fort Stewart, Ga. He is 23, and has a wife, and three children. John is with an Artillery unit of the 3rd Infantry Division.

With love, his mom, 
Nancy Roberson


Americus native Ronnie Johnson just returned from a three-month tour of duty in Afghanistan. He is with the Air Force's S.O.S. Special Operations, stationed at Hurlbert Field, at Fort Walton, Florida.

He and his wife Becky have three children, and live in Navarre, Florida.

With love, from his mom, 
Marlene Johnson

Meigs native Willie Wimes, Jr. is a 12-year Army veteran, who serves in the 3rd Infantry Division, at Fort Stewart.

He and his wife Michelle have a daughter, Quanesha.

Willie serves with an Intelligence unit in Kuwait. He is the only son of Mr. and Mrs. Willie Charles Wimes, Sr., who pray that he and all our troops return home soon, safely.

Love, the Wimes family

Master Sergeant Willie Washington is from Enigma, Ga., and graduated from Berrien County High School in 1981.

He has been an Air Force veteran for 18 years, and is stationed in Saudi Arabia. We are very proud of Willie, and all the troops in the Middle East.

May God Bless them all. We are praying for them.

Love from his mom, Luvenia Johnson

This is my husband, Cpl. Dontarius Mobley of Camilla, Georgia. He was deployed to Iraq on January 27th.
He is a 1998 graduate of Mitchell-Baker High School. 

He is the son of Arleatha Mobley of Camilla and Anderson Jenkins of Vienna. He is the son-in-law of Dr. Joe R. Thomas and Teresa Thomas of Baconton.

Dontarius is currently a member of the 5th Battalion 11th Marines unit stationed at Camp Pendleton, California. He is the father of 5-year-old Corbreonna, of Albany.

All of his friends and family love and miss him and eagerly await his return. While I am still here in Oceanside, California, the rest of his family is in Camilla. All of our thoughts and prayers are with him. Stay safe!

Thank you so much,
Jo Renee' Mobley (wife)  

Army Captain Chris Fairley is with the 3rd Infantry from Ft. Stewart, Ga. and is now stationed in/near Baghdad, Iraq. 

Chris is the husband of Heather Cribb Fairley and the son-in-law of Hayward & Mildred Cribb of Willacoochee, Ga. 


 Mildred Cribb 


Marine Staff Sgt. John Ivey is 33 years old. He's with the 2nd MEB - 1/2 HQSVC CO. as a mechanic, working on various pieces of equipment doing his part in Operation Iraqi Freedom. 

John graduated in 1988 from Newton County High School in Covington, Ga. He enlisted in the Marines shortly after graduation -
before his deployment to Iraq he was stationed at Camp Lejeune Marine Base in Jacksonville, North Carolina.
John has a 3-year-old daughter, Amanda Rayanne Ivey.
John's family is awaiting his safe return along with the rest of the troops.
John's family is very proud of him & that he is helping to defend our freedom....
Thank you very much!!!
Freddie & Maxine Ivey (parents) from Covington, along with the rest of his family.

Tiffany Young is 20 years old and serves in the United States Navy. She is an OS3 Operation Specialist on the U.S.S. Comstock, which is presently in the Middle East. 

Tiffany joined the Navy in July 2001. She is the daughter of Junice and John Young of Ashburn, Georgia. Mom, Dad, and sister, Brittany are very proud of Tiffany. 

We send our prayers  out to each and everyone serving our country.

This is Larry Jones is an E3 in the U.S. Navy. He is a 19-year-old 2001 graduate from Dougherty High School. 

He is the oldest of three children. His parents are Dale Jones and Larry Jones. His mother said he is doing fine and he will be home soon. He is now in the Persian Gulf. 

His family loves him and prayers go out to him and all of the others.

Staff Sgt. Robert G. Fairbanks, Jr. of Orlando, is the son of Martha Stevens of Edison, GA and Robert Fairbanks, Sr. of Jacksonville, FL. He has three girls, Ayanna, Dajanee, and Cierra. 

He graduated from Calhoun County High School in Edison, in1987, and then joined the Army. 

Robert served in Desert Shield and Desert Storm as part of the 3rd Infantry Division. Now he is enlisted in the Army Reserve, 227 Transportation, Palatka, FL., and is currently serving in Kuwait.

We miss and love you, and may God Bless You!
Your Family

Staff Sergeant Jason P. Alley is originally from Huntsville, Alabama. 

 He is currently stationed at Warner Robins, Georgia. 

Jason has been in Saudi Arabia since December, and we still don't know when he will be able to return.  We love and miss him very much.  We are also very proud of him and the sacrifice and commitment he has made to protect his county, freedom, and family.  
We want him to know how much we love him and how proud we are.  We think of him constantly. 
Thank You,

Jason's family




PFC Jonothon Crook leaves for duty in May. His family lives in Desoto and Americus.

Petty Officers 3rd Class Melayne Miles and Iris Denson are 2000 graduates of Brooks Co. High. These cousins joined the Navy in 2000 and are stationed aboard aircraft carriers serving in the Mediterranean Sea. Denson is aboard the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt, and Miles is aboard the U.S.S. Harry S. Truman.

SGT. Walter Anderson of the U.S. Air Force is a 1997 graduate of Dougherty High. He is stationed in Maisya, Japan, and is serving in Iraq, in Media Services. He is the husband of Sgt. Dana Anderson, and the son of Sheila Nixon and Walter Anderson of Albany.

SPC. Beniko Stills, 1148th Transportation USNG, from Thomasville, is serving in Kuwait. Mr. Stills is a 1996 graduate of Dougherty High, and attended Ga. Military College in Milledgeville, and attends Darton College.

He has 7 brothers and sisters.

Baconton Corporal John W. Anglon is 21, and joined the Marine Corps in 2000. He serves with the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit, and is posted to the U.S.S. Austin.

John has been on a routine deployment since last August. He was due to return in May, but that has been delayed indefinitely. he is a Super Stallion helicopter mechanic.

His daughter is soon to be three-moths old.


Milton Gowdy III graduated from Worth County High in 2001, and joined the Marine Corps.

He is married and has a son. His parents are Terry Gowdy and Milton Gowdy, Jr. His grand parents are Mr. and Mrs. Milton Gowdy Sr., and Nellie Douglas of Poulan, and Thomas J. Lewis of Albany.


Antonio Holliday is a 22-year-old soldier with the 3rd Infantry Division, and has been in the Middle-East since March.  We love him, and are praying form him. He is a Brave Soldier.


His parents, Anthony and Oradell Holliday.

John "Mike" Poole was deployed is support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in January. He is a Fort Benning tanker, and is a graduate of Monroe High School. Mike has 14 years in the Army, and this is his second tour of Kuwait.

His family prays for his safe return.

Love, Mom

1st Sgt. Calvin Brown is the son of Maggie Brown, and the late Soney Brown. He was born and was raised in Albany, and is a graduate of Monroe High.

His wife and two daughters now live in Hinesville, and we pray for his safe return.

The Brown family


We are so very proud of our son-in-law Seaman Thomas Long. He serves on the attack submarine U.S.S. Boise that just returned from the Persian Gulf. He was recently named seaman of the quarter and we are thankful for his contribution in freeing Iraq from Hussein's reign of terror.

Thomas is a 2001 honor graduate from Dougherty Comprehensive High School and married our Daughter Elizabeth in December. He was deployed soon after they married and just returned home to her in Norfolk, VA yesterday.

Thank you for featuring our local heroes on the news.

Sincerely, Mary Ann Duke

Dear WALB,

My son, PFC Joshua C. Bryant is 19 years old and serving as a gunner with the 1st marines in Iraq. Among those waiting for his safe return are his parents, April and Jerry Davis, his younger sister Kristi, and his Grandparents Bobby and Carol Denham all of Leesburg Ga.  Thanks for your support!

April Davis

Our son,  Airman Justin Tillman, stationed at Whidby Island, Washington, deployed on the U.S.S. Nimitz in the Persian Gulf Region.

We miss our son very much, but are very proud of him. We are continually praying for our troops safe return & our leaders to make the right decisions. 

Thank you so much for recognizing our troops! 

Tami & Robert Tillman, Norman Park, GA

My brother, Captain David Roberts serves with the 3rd Infantry Division.  He is sitting on a throne in one of Saddam's bombed palaces.  

Thank you for honoring and supporting our troops. 

Deena Roberts

On the left is Staff Sergeant David McKinley who is stationed her in Albany Georgia and on the right is his younger brother Lance Corporal Michael Barrow who is currently serving in Kuwait. Are family is very proud of them both and would like to say thank you.

My grandson Corporal Christopher Calhoun, has been active duty in the Marine Corps for four years. He is a 1996 graduate of Tift Co High School. He is stationed at Camp Lejeune, NC along With his wife Leah and 2-year-old son, Ian. 

He is in communications with 1st Battalion, 8th Marines, and is  deployed with the 26th MEU in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. 

Chris is an outstanding Marine and is truly our hero. He firmly believes in freedom for his family and his country.  

Our thoughts and prayers are with all the troops serving in the armed forces in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. We love and miss you lots Chris, hurry home soon and safely!  

Norma Pearson,
proud grandparent of a U.S. Marine

Lance Corporal LeVandis Landy, USMC He is very special to us and we love him very much. He is one of the sweetest and kindest people you would ever want me meet. We are very proud of him. 

The reason he joined the Marines was to get an education. We are praying that he will return to us soon and may God protect him and his fellow military men and women who are fighting in this Operation Iraqi Freedom. 

Parents: Barrette and Karla Jackson of Bainbridge, and Hurtis Keaton of Atlanta.

We Love him and we are very proud of him and to stay focus and put God first. If they feel themselves drifting and they cannot say a word to just wave there hands, because God knows what is in there hearts.

Army Private First Class Thomas Hamilton is very special to us, and we love him very much. He is one of the most sweetest and kindest person you would ever want me meet. We are very proud of him. 

We are praying that he will return to us soon and may God protect him and his fellow military men and women who are fighting in this Operation Iraqi Freedom. 

Parents: Thomas and Lillie Jefferson of Bainbridge, Ga. 

We Love him and we are very proud of him and to stay focus and put God first. If they feel themselves drifting and they cannot say a word to just wave there hands, because God knows what is in there hearts.

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