WALB-TV salutes those who risk their lives to bring freedom to the Iraqi people...

New-- Photos of America's Military in Action

Staff Sergeant Monsanto Batten is a member of the 71 Rescue Squadron  from Moody Air Force Base. 

He is stationed in Northern Iraq.

Supply Staff Sergeant David A. Jones is in the Persian Gulf. he is the husband of Lisa Jones, and the father of two sons, who await him in Fort Drum, New York.

David is the son of Harrison and Louise Jones, Sr. of Albany. He is a 1983 graduate of Monroe High School.

Technical Sergeant Christopher Prather is married to Technical Sergeant Zanobia Prather. Christopher has been deployed to Saudi Arabia since 2002. Zanobia and 4-year-old Jalen are stationed at Abilene, Texas.

Christopher is a 1993 graduate of Westover High, and joined the Air Force the same year, as did his wife.

Chris' brother James is also in the U.S.A.F., and is stationed at Albuquerque, New Mexico. Their late father also served in the Air Force.

We are a very close family, and we pray for our son's safe return every day.

Mrs. Dorothy Prather

39-year-old First Sergeant Jonathan James, is a graduate of Worth County High School. He deployed to Kuwait in January 2003. This 22 year veteran is stationed at Ft. Stewart. 

His family received a phone call from him on April 3rd, and he is now located in Iraq. Jonathan has two children, Tyrone and Lasheryl, special aunt Cathy and several relatives that are praying for his safe return home. 

This message is coming from his little sister, Shamonica James.

Sergeant Brian Moody is part of the 118th Military Police Company in Afghanistan. He is stationed at Ft. Bragg as a communications operator. Brian is the son of Mary and James Moody of Adel. 

He has a wife, and two sons, aged four and one.

Army National Guard Sergeant Willie Marshall Cherry is the son of Ms. Ruby Lee Brown of Tifton, and the late Willie Marshall Cherry of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 

He was deployed to Kuwait in March, from his post in Germany.

Sgt. Regina Flagg is with the Army's 123rd Signal Communications serving in Baghdad, Iraq with the 3rd Infantry Division. She is from Fitzgerald, and is the daughter of Princess Turner and Jim Turner. 

She has a daughter, grandfather, 1 sister and brother-in, 1 brother a nephew in the U.S. Air Force, 4 aunts, 3 uncles. Her daughter will be very happy when she comes home, so will the rest of the family. 

Sgt. Flagg was the first American female soldier to go across the Iraqi border. All of the family is proud of her and constantly praying for her safe return as well as all the other soldiers in Operation Freedom.

Sergeant Roy Green, Jr. is a native of Sylvester, posted to Ft. Bragg, NC, with the 82nd Airborne Division. 

He is a 1996 graduate of Westover High School. He has been sent to Khandahar, Afghanistan, as part of the peace-keeping force. 

His wife Tonya awaits his return in North Carolina, as do his parents in Worth County.

Sergeant Jermaine Walker is a Combat Engineer with the 92nd Division in Iraq.

He and his wife Casandra have three children, Trenesha, Kajuan, and Coadrius. Jermaine is a 1992 graduate of Randolph-Clay High School.

He is a lovable person, and his whole family looks forward to having him home again soon. We haven't heard from him since the second day of the war.

Staff Sergeant Kenneth Trim is a  1986 graduate of Colquitt County High School.

He is now in Baghdad. Kenneth has a three-year-old son, Jeremiah Anthony, who is waiting for his dad to come home. 

His mom is Myron Trim, and he has three brothers and six sisters.

Fire Controlman 3rd Class Hilda Holmes is in her second year of service in the Navy, and is stationed in Jacksonville.  She has already served at great lakes, Illinois, and Virginia Beach, Virginia. Hilda graduated from Turner County High School in 2001.

She is only 19 years old.

Army Warrant Officer 2 Kenya Mathis of Albany is a 1988 graduate of Dougherty High School. He is the son of Annette Mathis of Albany, and Dr. Jones Mathis of Nashville, Tennessee.

Kenya is stationed in Kuwait.

Spc.  Frank Mejorado he only been married for 20 months to my wonderful sister. 

 He is a great guy and a good husband to my sister. 

He is in Iraq right now hope and pray that he is will and that he comes home soon to Texas.


Scheavosky S. McGawion is the  son of Otis and Gloria Bridges, and is married to Latonda Kennedy
McGawion, his  Monroe Comprensive High School sweetheart.

As a member of Jr. ROTC, he enlisted in the Air Force delayed entry program.  He officially joined the U.S. Air Force on May 28, 2001. 

He is with the 379 Air Expeditionary Wing, located in Al-Udied AB, Qatar, he works at the 379 AEW/ELRS as a Supply Journeyman.  He has been stationed there since November of 2002.
We talk by e-mail, he is doing good, he says this is God's will, and he is proud to serve his country.  But he is ready to come home to see his family, friends and love ones.
We love you Shaun,
The Family

Staff Sergeant Leticia A. (Mandi) Latner joined the Airforce in 1998, upon graduation from high school in Cuthbert. She serves with the 347th Supply Squadron at Moody Airforce Base. 

Staff Sergeant Latner left March 4, 2003, for Shabaz Airforce Base, Jacobabad, Pakistan, where she is on a temporary duty assignment with the Para-Rescue Squadron from Moody Airforce Base.

She is the daughter of Milton and Arneita Latner of Cuthbert and granddaughter of Lera and Joseph Caliguiri of Quitman, and the late Milton and Johnnie Grace Latner of Thomasville.

SPC Willie Jones Jr. is the son of Jannie and Willie Jones, and is a member of the 101st Airborne Division, based at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky. 

He is currently serving in Kuwait. Willie is 21, and has two sisters. 

He is deeply missed  by by all his family. Although he is far away, he is close to our hearts. We look forward to having him back in Americus very soon.


Lance Corporal Timothy Puckett

Samuel Pittman


George Green is the son of Mr. Green of Baconton. George is serving in Baghdad.

AEA Class Petty Officer Robert Monds of Sasser is the son of Essie Jones and Robert Monds. Robert is stationed aboard the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) Title & Rank: Aviation Electricians Mate 3rd Class Job Title: Avionics Electrician. He graduated from Calhoun County High School in 1996.He joined the Navy in July 2000. Home Station is NAS OCEANA, Virginia Beach, Virginia. Thank you very much for airing Robert's picture.

His Aunt, Karen Carter

Sgt. Contrise Rivers was deployed to El Jaber Kuwait in February from the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO. She is a Cardiovascular-Pulmonary Specialist, and plays a very important role in the war.  Contrise is the daughter of Christopher and Yvorme Kendrick, and Stanley Rivers. 

She is the sister of Stantavious Rivers, Ahtyanna Kendrick, stepsister of Brittany and Derinique Kendrick, and is a member of the Jordan Grove Baptist Church.

Contrise is a 1998 graduate of Monroe Comprehensive High School, and served in the Air Force ROTC. 

Her e-mail address is:  contrise.rivers@jaber.af.mil

Address: Contrise Rivers 332 EM DG/Clinic Apo, AE. 09888-0001 
Yvonne Kendrick

^Darrel (right) at the Olympics in Atlanta.

SPC Darrel Thomas is a member of the 1148th Trans Co. of Thomasville. They left Tuesday at one clock for Iraq. 

Darrel has a brother stationed in Italy, an he has a wife, and 9-year-old son and  8-month-old daughter in Albany. 

We are very Proud of him. our prayers go with them all. 

Dad & Mom are from Pelham.


Warrant Officer Tony Apperson, from Albany, has served America for 14 years. 

Tony is 33, and is stationed at Camp Lejeune. He is is in Kuwait, working as a communications specialist. 

His parents are Wayne and Eunice Apperson, and most of his family is in the Albany Area.

We want him to come home safely, soon.

Gunnery Sgt. Desmond C. Graham is now deployed at his home base, MCLB Albany.

He has been in the Marine Corps for 16 years. He and his wife Rhonda have two beautiful children. 

Thank you for recognizing this fine Marine. 


Mrs. Rhonda M. Graham


SPC Tommy Rockwell III is with the 4th Infantry Division, 64th FSB, stationed at Ft. Kit Carson, Colorado, as is his wife, Clarice.

Tommy is currently posted in Kuwait.

Tommy is a 1999 graduate of Tift Co. High, and is the son of Tommy and Mary Rockwell.

His cousins William Rockwell and Antonio Holiday are also in the service in Kuwait.

Bernard Smith is a 1996 Dougherty High graduate. He is 25, and serves in the Middle East as an Air Policeman. 

We have heard from him in e-mail, and sometimes by telephone, and he says he's fine.


Love Mom and Dad

Corporal Ronald Solomon is a former football player from Americus High, class of 1998. He is serving somewhere in Iraq.  His parents are Ronald and Elaine Barner of Americus, and Hilton and Gloria Jean Payne of Bridgeport, Connecticut.

He has three sisters and five brothers.

His family loves Ronald, and prays for his safe return.

Joseph Carson III is assigned to the 3rd Infantry, 2nd Brigade of the U.S. Army, stationed at Ft. Stewart. 

Joseph is in Baghdad. 

He is a 2000 graduate of Lee County High School.

Terrell Mathis is a native of Sale City, Ga. He is stationed aboard the U.S.S. Tortuga. Terrell and his wife Tameka have a baby, Lexis. His parents are Brenda Sessions, and his dad is Joseph Mathis. His grandparents are Freddie and Daisy Mathis.

Benjamin Finkelstein has been deployed to Iraq since December. He has been in school at the University of Maryland. He attended OCS at Camp Lejeune and is in the Marines Reserves.


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